Customer Wish List

Customized lab products and services for your research applications.

Black Dog believes that companies should develop lab products that you, our customers, need and want. That’s why we help our customers modify their laboratory products to optimize their research applications and to meet their needs. Here’s an example:

A Black Dog customer wanted the ability to obtain assay plates comprised of the actual hits detected in a primary screen using the same compound source microplates that provided the primary screen. The previously used compound source plates were being discarded, while significant amounts of compounds were still available in the microplates. Black Dog worked with a leading lab products company in robotics and automation to develop the Hit-Fetcher. This Hit-Fetcher offers instantaneous validation of “hits” at no additional cost! One of the scientists involved previously speculated that the compounds received for secondary screens were many times incorrect and did not confirm the original hits! The potential loss to the researcher and the company may have been significant.

This is only one example of how Black Dog has helped to meet the unique needs of its customers. You can always count on us to listen to your needs and we invite you to offer suggestions for customized laboratory products and services that will enhance your capabilities and research applications.