Services Overview

Quality service for all generations of FLIPR® microplate readers.

FLIPR Fluorescence Reader

Black Dog specializes in technical service for FLIPR® fluorescence imaging plate readers, FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular screening systems, and EMBLA® cell washers.

At Black Dog we pride ourselves on customer service. Ask any of our clients: Black Dog’s customers come first! We’re a small business servicing a specific segment of the life sciences market. We provide the highest quality repair and preventative maintenance services for your FLIPR® instrumentation, servicing all generations of FLIPR® fluorescence imaging plate readers, including FLIPR® 1, FLIPR® 384, FLIPR® 2 and FLIPR® 3 models, as well as FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular screening systems. We also service EMBLA® cell washers. When you choose Black Dog for your service needs, you can count on fair prices. We are also known to respond quicker to customers than our competitors, thereby reducing downtime of your lab instruments and increasing your productivity.

The Black Dog Difference
Not only can we help you minimize downtime, Black Dog quality service can also help you achieve better results! Our customers have noticed a difference in their results after switching to Black Dog as their service provider. Learn how one of our customers achieved better results after using Black Dog services. Click here to learn more about the Black Dog Difference.

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