Refurbished FLIPR® and FLIPR Tetra® Instruments

Buy or lease, the choice is yours.

Refurbished FLIPR® fluorescence readers and FLIPR Tetra® cellular screening systems for your high-throughput applications available for purchase or lease.

Black Dog offers refurbished FLIPR® 1, FLIPR® 2, FLIPR® 3 and FLIPR Tetra® fluorescence microplate readers for sale and lease. Black Dog lab equipment is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to meet the highest quality standards. These instruments are reliable high-throughput cellular assay screening systems for identifying early leads against Ion Channel and GPCRs (G protein-coupled receptors.) They are ideal for kinetic cellular assays such as calcium flux. Unlike other used lab equipment suppliers, every refurbished FLIPR® fluorescence microplate reader is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned with the pipettor, camera, and laser, receiving complete service and certification.

Black Dog offers fully refurbished FLIPR® 1, 2 and 3 instruments and FLIPR  Tetra® instruments.

Systems are offered with a multitude of options to serve your needs; for example, the light source for most FLIPR® models can be upgraded with an air-cooled laser to save valuable bench space and energy. Most options are field upgradeable following installation. We also offer a wide range of accessories for FLIPR® fluorescence readers and FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular screening systems. For more information, please call us at 1-919-602-5988 to discuss your needs.

Total Customer Satisfaction
Black Dog customers are satisfied customers; in fact, one of our customers recently traded their newer high throughput screening system for one of our refurbished FLIPR® fluorerscence readers! When you purchase a refurbished FLIPR® fluorescence reader from Black Dog, pricing includes shipping, installation, technical support – and a complete one-year warranty!

Flexible Purchasing Options
We offer flexible solutions to make it affordable for you to work with a FLIPR® fluorescence reader or FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular screening system; for example, we have worked with Academia and companies that offer research on orphan-drugs to make it affordable for these institutions to use a FLIPR® fluorescence reader for their research. If you don’t have the capital to invest, Black Dog offers a package of instrumentation, consumables, and support to address your research needs. You can lease a FLIPR® instrument for just the period of time that you need! Our lease packages are carefully tailored to help you maximize your results with minimal investment. Please discuss your requirements with Black Dog to determine what package is best for you by calling us at 1-919-816-7278.

Save big with a limited time offer on Refurbished FLIPR® Fluorescence Readers!
For a limited time only, we are offering savings of up to 50% on refurbished FLIPR® 2 and FLIPR® 3 fluorescence imaging plate readers. Plus, installation and set up are included with instrument purchase – an added $10,000 value! Several instrument options are offered. Don’t delay, this promotion is subject to change without notice. Click here to learn more about this super savings offer on FLIPR® flourescence imaging microplate readers.

Sell us your used FLIPR® fluorescence reader
If you’re interested in selling an existing FLIPR® fluorescence reader or FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular screening system, please contact Black Dog at 1-919-602-5988. We may be interested in purchasing your FLIPR® instrument or trading your used lab equipment for consumable lab products or services. And, we will take care of the deinstallation and removal.


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