Refurbished FLIPR® with Air Cooled Laser

Buy or lease, the choice is yours.

FLIPR Microplate Reader with Air-Cooled Laser

Left to right: Refurbished FLIPR® 3 and FLIPR® 2 fluorescence microplate readers with air-cooled laser.

FLIPR® fluorescence readers upgraded with an air-cooled laser save energy and bench space! Purchase a refurbished FLIPR® fluorescence reader with an air-cooled laser or upgrade your existing FLIPR® fluorescence reader with an air-cooled laser.

Black Dog continues to investigate improvements to the FLIPR® systems with cost-effective, performance-enhanced options, which benefit your return on investment. We have successfully integrated an air-cooled laser* into the FLIPR® 1, 2, and 3 instruments. This “green” technology eliminates the need for water, chillers, and 208V power that is required with the existing laser technology. The air-cooled laser generates results that are comparable to those of the water-cooled laser, yet reduces the FLIPR® system’s footprint by one-half, requiring less space and increasing portability. The 110V laser provides sufficient power for most applications. By using less space, the system is significantly less costly to operate.

Black Dog conducted a test to compare a FLIPR® fluorescence reader with Air-Cooled Laser and FLIPR® with Water-Cooled Laser, and determined that:

  •  The air-cooled laser can be retrofitted and aligned to existing FLIPR® optics.
  • The air-cooled laser provides so much power that the signal needs attenuating (f-stop number increased).
  • The air-cooled laser system’s signal test is similar to using the water cooled laser when comparing dye loaded cells.
  • No significant difference in experimental results between laser sources is indicated.

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