Our Leadership

Decades of Specialized Experience

The Black Dog management team consists of technical experts in servicing all generations of FLIPR® fluorescent imaging plate readers, FLIPR Tetra® high throughput cellular screening systems and other lab automation instruments, as well as lab product industry professionals and experienced customer service representatives.

 Tom Leen
Co-Founder of Black Dog Technical Services, Inc. and Black Dog Solutions, LLC.

Tom Leen founded Black Dog Technical Services with a mission to provide superior, personalized service with a quick response, any time of the day, any day of the week. Tom Leen began his career as a member of the design team for Eastman Kodak Company®, which produced the Ektachem® Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, recognized as the premier clinical chemistry instrument in hospital labs throughout the world. Its record for precision, accuracy, and reliability set the standard for other laboratory instruments. As Audit Supervisor, Tom Leen later assumed responsibility for the testing and evaluation of each Ektachem® instrument prior to its delivery to the customer. As a Senior Field Service Engineer for the company’s clinical chemistry and radiology instruments, Tom managed the accounts in Eastern and Central North Carolina, including Duke University Medical Center.

Tom gained his extensive knowledge of FLIPR® fluorescence reader systems during his employment with Molecular Devices Corporation®. Tom accepted a position with Astra Zeneca® Pharmaceuticals, where he managed all of the instrumentation in its Lead Discovery laboratory. These labs, and other Astra Zeneca labs in Montreal and Brisbane, included nine FLIPR® systems. It was this system of assured quality from Tom’s Kodak career that he included in service and design changes to the FLIPR®. Tom designed modifications to the FLIPR® systems that improved both their reliability and performance. Each Astra Zeneca® FLIPR® system, some of which were used for high throughput screening (HTS), regularly processed in excess of 200 plates per day of quality data. Tom started Black Dog Technical Services™ in an effort to provide the type of service that customers need and expect. Tom continues to hold himself and his staff to the highest standards.

Sean Leen
Co-Founder, Director of Customer Service

Sean is a graduate of North Carolina State University and played an important role in launching Black Dog Technical Services, Inc. While providing quality FLIPR® service in the field, he assisted in integrating new technologies into the FLIPR® platform. Sean has been instrumental in researching instrumentation and systems that improve FLIPR® technology and other instrumentation systems. Sean has been commended by many Black Dog customers for his understanding of their individual requirements and his dedication to their needs. Sean has studied the FLIPR® Tetra and was instrumental in the release of Black Dog’s support of the FLIPR® Tetra. Sean prides himself on excellence, and always remembers Aristotle’s quote “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”.

Marian Leen
Co-Founder of Black Dog Solutions, LLC

Marian co-founded Black Dog Solutions after a successful career as a Registered Nurse. Her extensive organizational and management skills, in addition to her capabilities to react in critical situations, have added another dimension to Black Dog.

Caitlin Williams
Accounts Manager

Caitlin is a graduate of North Carolina State University and joined Black Dog in 2007. Caitlin manages daily operations for Black Dog Technical Services and Black Dog Solutions. She oversees order processing and tracking, customer support, inventory control, and invoicing. Caitlin is a hands-on manager who is focused on providing top-notch customer support. She ensures that customers are contacted immediately following placement of their order to confirm that the item is available and estimated time of arrival, and will also follow up with a confirmation of delivery. In cases of backordered items, Caitlin will discuss various options with customers, such as different packaging types, to ensure that the items arrive when needed.

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