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A full range of microplates to meet your application needs.

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Black Dog Solutions is a proud distributor of quality Greiner Bio-One® laboratory products. Our wide selection of products includes the full range of Greiner Bio-One® microplates, including 96 well microplates, 384 well and 1536 well microplates for high-throughput screening applications. Greiner Bio-One® microplates are available in a variety of materials, well designs and surface treatments.  Click the links below for guidance on material, well design and surface selection:

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Greiner Bio-One 96-Well Plate96-Well Microplates
Greiner Bio-One has been manufacturing microplates for over 30 years. We offer a full range of Greiner Bio-One 96-well microplates in a wide variety of surface treatments. Like all Greiner Bio-One microplates, 96-well microplates are:

  • Manufactured under DIN ISO 9001 guidelines and can be traced all the way back to production through a defined LOT number system.
  • Footprint compatible with automated systems.
  • Endotoxin-free (– < 0.06 EU/ml) and regularly tested using an FDA-approved turbidimetric LAL-test (Limulus Amoebocyte Assay)
  • Tested by an independent laboratory in a quantitative PCR and are free of DNases, RNases, human DNA

 Greiner Bio-One 384-Well Plates

384-Well Microplates
Drug screening has undergone rapid development over the past few years. The number of tests with new targets and the number of active agents to be tested is constantly increasing. High format microplates with a low well volume are one of the most important tools for achieving top priorities such as volume reduction, simple testing and cost savings. One of the first higher format microplates was the 384-well plate launched by Greiner Bio-One in 1994/1995. The external dimensions of the 384-well microplates are compatible with standard equipment and automated systems. Black Dog offers a variety of Greiner Bio-One 384 well microplates, including black and white clear bottom plates (μClear®), in FLUOTRAC®, LUMITRAC, MICROLON®, CELLSTAR®, UV-Star® or non-binding quality.

1536-Well Microplates
In 1997, shortly after the launch of the 384-well microplates, Greiner Bio-One was the first manufacturer to introduce the innovative 1536-well microplate format. The external dimensions were the same as those used in the 96-well and 384-well microplates, but wells increased fourfold from 384 to 1536. Black Dog is pleased to offer a wide range of Greiner Bio-One 1536-wellmicroplates, including clear bottom variants, in clear polystyrene and completely black or white in CELLSTAR®, LUMITRAC, FLUOTRACT and non-binding quality.

Complementary Greiner Bio-One Consumables for your Lab
Black Dog also offers a wide range of complementary Greiner Bio-One laboratory consumables such as microcentrifuge tubes, centrifuge tubes, cell culture and petri dishes, as well as serological pipettes.

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