Accessories for FLIPR® Microplate Readers

Black Dog has a large inventory of new and refurbished FLIPR® spare parts and accessories to upgrade or repair your existing FLIPR® fluorescence microplate reader and FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular screening system. For more information on FLIPR® spare parts availability and pricing, please call us at 1-919-602-5988.

Our inventory includes:

  • 384 Well Pipettor Head
  • 96 Well Pipettor Head
  • 384 Well Yellow Calibration Plate
  • 96 Well Yellow Calibration Plate
  • Affinity Lab Chiller
  • Air Cooled Laser and Controller
  • Andor Camera
  • Casters for table
  • CCS Microplate Stacker
  • Coherent I90C Laser and Controller
  • Coherent I300 Laser and Controller
  • Computer Camera Card
  • DIO Computer Card
  • Door Cable Kits
  • FLIPR® Electronic Boards
  • FLIPR® Power Supply
  • Filters
  • Filter Slider Assembly
  • Heated Stage
  • Laser Pure 20
  • Laser Pure 40
  • Laser Scanner
  • Optical Breadboards (Various Sizes)
  • Optical Mirrors
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Princeton Instruments Camera and Controller ST133
  • Princeton Instruments Camera and Controller ST138
  • Princeton Instruments Camera and Controllers NTE
  • Princeton Instruments Computer Camera Card
  • Red Rocketport Computer Card
  • Scanner Board
  • Short-side Bar Code Readers for Stacker
  • Simple Stage
  • Stacker Stage
  • Stacker Towers
  • Various FLIPR® Cables


Pricing and availability of spare parts and accessories for FLIPR® fluorescence microplate is subject to change without notice.

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