Biotix Manual and Robotic Pipette Tips

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Black Dog Solutions is a proud distributor of Biotix® manual pipette tips, tip eject reload, and robotic dispensing tips for high-throughput screening applications. For product availability or to request a price quote for Biotix® tips, please call us at 1-919-602-5988.

Biotix Robotic TipsBiotix® Robotic Tips
Black Dog Solutions offers pre-sterile 384-format Biotix robotic tips for Agilent®, Bekcman® and Molecular Devices® platforms. Biotix robotic tips are manufactured to the highest engineering standards for automation systems. The ultra-straight tips target the center of microplate wells precisely, delivering exceptional accuracy and precision without risk of jamming. With specifications to ensure complete compatibility, no changes in programming scripts should be necessary to use Biotix robotic tips; use of the standard definitions bundled in the robotic software program is appropriate. As with all Biotix liquid handling products, robotic tips are BioReady™ certified to be free of RNase-, DNase-, and Endotoxin (pyrogens). A wide selection of tip sizes is available.

Biotix® Manual Tips
Biotix manual pipette tips are manufactured with patented technologies for increased pipetting accuracy and precision. Biotix manual tips are compatible with a broad range of industry leading pipettes. Click here to download a Manual Tips Compatibility Chart. A wide selection of tip sizes and packaging options is available. They offer the following innovative features:

  • FLEXFIT™ provides superior fit and decreases insertion and ejection forces, helping to reduce the risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
  • X-RESIN™, a proprietary resin, is naturally low retentive and soft to provide better precision and improves CV values
  • BLADE™ unique distal end orifice design eliminates the need for tip touch off, increasing precision and accuracy


Biotix Filter TipsBiotix® Manual Filter Tips
Biotix filter tips offer all of the advantages of non-filter manual pipette tips, plus DELTA FILTER™. Exclusive to Biotix is proprietary technology called Delta Filter. This technology incorporates a chemically inert, color change compound, which not only traps aerosols and absorbs liquids, but turns blue upon contact with contaminants. This feature safeguards critical assays with instant visual detection, and notifies technicians of pipetting errors. Delta Filter is available in all Biotix manual filter tip products.  Biotix filter tips are compatible with a broad range of industry leading pipettes. Click here to download a Filter Tips Compatibility Chart. We offer a range of filter tip sizes.

Biotix Tip Eject™ Reloads
Biotix Tip Eject saves spaces and reduces waste. Tip Eject allows convenient reloading into Biotix tip racks without the use of transfer devices. Transparent packaging allows for easy tip identification, while fully protecting tips from contamination due to contact and environmental particulates. Reload cards are made from 100% recycled polypropylene. We offer Biotix Tip Eject™ Reloads (pre-sterile and X-Resin™) in a variety of sizes.

Biotix Tip Reloads

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